R-15.1, r. 6.2 - General Regulation respecting supplemental pension plans

Full text
27. Without restricting the scope of section 9 of the Act, any change concerning the following matters is an amendment within the meaning of the Act, even if such amendment is not provided for in the plan:
(a)  the formula for regular or special contributions;
(b)  the cessation of contributions;
(c)  the classes of persons who may be covered;
(d)  the conditions under which the right of benefits is vested;
(e)  the basis for computing the benefits or pensions;
(f)  the classes of permissible investments;
(g)  the duties of the administrator or of the retirement committee;
(h)  an agreement pertaining to the transfer of pension credits;
(i)  the replacement of the deferred annuity in the cases provided for in section 38 of the Act;
(j)  the name of the plan or the substitution of the employer.
R.R.Q., 1981, c. R-17, r. 1, s. 27.