Q-2, r. 39 - Regulation respecting water quality in swimming pools and other artificial pools

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17. The person in charge of a pool must immediately evacuate and close access to the pool when events such as the presence of vomitus or feces, water treatment equipment failure or any other infrastructure breakdown occur that may degrade water quality and expose persons to soiling or contamination.
The person in charge of a pool must do the same in the presence of
(1)  bacteria in a concentration greater than the standards in section 5 in the second sample collected pursuant to the second paragraph of section 16;
(2)  free residual chlorine over 5.0 mg/l;
(3)  chloramines over 1.0 mg/l for more than 24 hours;
(4)  turbidity greater than 5 NTU;
(5)  free residual chlorine less than 0.3 mg/l or total residual bromine less than 0.6 mg/l.
O.C. 1087-2006, s. 17.