Q-2, r. 39 - Regulation respecting water quality in swimming pools and other artificial pools

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10. The person in charge of a pool accessible to the general public or a restricted group of persons, or a private pool for the use of immovables or mobile home parks having more than 50 dwelling units must also collect or have water samples collected to monitor fecal coliform bacteria or Escherichia coli and turbidity.
The samples are to be collected at least once every 2 weeks of operation for outdoor pools and once every 4 weeks of operation for indoor pools, with samples taken not fewer than 10 days apart during the pool opening period. In the case of outdoor pools filled with water that does not meet all bacteriological standards in the Regulation respecting the quality of drinking water (chapter Q-2, r. 40), the first microbiological analysis results must be available at the time the season opens.
O.C. 1087-2006, s. 10.