Q-2, r. 35.2 - Water Withdrawal and Protection Regulation

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71. The following activities are prohibited in the inner protection zone for categories 1 and 2 surface water withdrawals:
(1)  grazing;
(2)  the spreading and storage, directly on the ground, of animal waste, farm compost, nitrogenous fertilizers or fertilizing waste substances;
(3)  the spreading and storage, directly on the ground, of sludge from municipal waste water treatment works or from any other works for the collection of treatment of sanitary waste water and of any substance containing more than 0.1%, dry weight basis, of sludge from sanitary waste water;
(4)  the construction of a new discharge in a watercourse, except a watercourse over 30 m wide at low water if a professional certifies that the discharge will not affect the water withdrawal site.
All other activities within the inner protection zone for category 1 or 2 surface water withdrawals, except activities relating to the operation of a hydroelectric power station, must meet the following conditions:
(1)  the activity must be organized to minimize the risk of soil erosion, in particular by re-establishing and maintaining natural plant cover and the natural state of the lakeshore or riverbank;
(2)  if the activity involves a ditch or underground drain, they must not connect directly to the receiving lake or watercourse, unless they include infrastructures to limit the flow of sediments to the lake or watercourse concerned and, in the case of a ditch, the top of the bank must have plant cover over a minimum width of 1 m.
O.C. 696-2014, s. 71.