Q-2, r. 35.2 - Water Withdrawal and Protection Regulation

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(ss. 21, 28 and 30)
(1) For the purposes of this Schedule, “facility” means a water withdrawal facility, the discharge facility of a geothermal system that withdraws water, and a ground-source geothermal system.
(2) The information required to draw up the drilling report consists of
(1) the name of the owner of the place where the facility is installed;
(2) the location of the place where the facility is installed (number, street, municipality, postal code, cadastral designation, latitude and longitude expressed in decimal degrees using the NAD 83 coordinate system and measured using a GPS device or other instrument of equivalent precision);
(3) the units of measurement used in the report (all information in the report must be expressed using the same units of measurement);
(4) the intended use of the facility installed;
(5) the number of the permit issued by the municipality concerned;
(6) the number of the licence issued by the Régie du bâtiment du Québec;
(7) the construction method used (drilling, excavation, driving);
(8) whether the work concerned was intended to deepen an existing well;
(9) the date of construction;
(10) the diameter or diameters drilled, and the depth of each diameter drilled;
(11) the presence of gas or saltwater during construction;
(12) in the case of a sealed well, the height of the seal and the materials used for the seal;
(13) the length, diameter and type of casing installed, and the length of the casing above ground level;
(14) the length, diameter, opening and type of perforated casing installed, if any;
(15) the length, diameter and type of additional or support tubing installed, if any;
(16) the type and thickness of the layers drilled;
(17) the following information on the flow tests conducted, if any:
(a) the date of the flow test;
(b) the water level at the end of the work;
(c) the duration of the flow test;
(d) the flow rate of the facility;
(e) the pumping method.
O.C. 696-2014, Sch. I.