Q-2, r. 26 - Agricultural Operations Regulation

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35.1. As of 1 January 2011, every operator of a raising site or spreading site referred to in section 35 must send the yearly phosphorus report to the Minister not later than 15 May of each year.
Where, after a change in the raising site or spreading site, the operator no longer has cultivated parcels corresponding to the area required pursuant to section 20, 20.1 or 50, the operator must immediately send to the Minister the update of the phosphorus report made in accordance with section 35.
The transmission to the Minister must be done electronically using the electronic services, by an agrologist mandated for that purpose by the operator.
When the yearly phosphorus report or update is sent electronically, the agrologist certifies that
(1)  the report or update was established in accordance with section 35;
(2)  the operator’s signature on the report or update certifies that the information provided to the agrologist is accurate.
Once the yearly phosphorus report or update has been sent to the Minister, the Minister acknowledges its receipt and admissibility by email to the agrologist and, where applicable, to the operator if the document sent indicates the operator’s email address. The agrologist must ensure that the confirmation of receipt and admissibility of the yearly phosphorus report or update sent to the Minister is held by the operator.
O.C. 269-2012, s. 2.