P-9.3, r. 1 - Pesticides Management Code

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83. Except if the application of pesticides is subject to the environmental impact assessment and review procedure under the Environment Quality Act (chapter Q-2), a person who intends to apply or have phytocides or Bacillus thuringiensis (kurstaki variety) applied in a forest or for non-agricultural purposes must, before the work begins, notify the regional office of the Ministère du Développement durable, de l’Environnement et des Parcs and the municipality, or in the case of an unorganized territory, the regional county municipality, in the manner prescribed in the second and third paragraphs of section 64. The notice must indicate the location of the operations base of any aircraft used and the potential sites of emergency release should the aircraft be in difficulty.
The permit holder responsible for the work referred to in the first paragraph may not start the work until the notice has been given.
O.C. 331-2003, s. 83.