P-9.3, r. 1 - Pesticides Management Code

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1.1. Unless otherwise provided for, for the purposes of this Code,
(1)  the terms boundary, watercourse, boundary of the littoral zone, littoral zone, swamp, wetland, riverbank or lakeshore, peat bog, wooded peat bog, flood zone, low-velocity flood zone and high-velocity flood zone have the meaning assigned by the Regulation respecting activities in wetlands, bodies of water and sensitive areas (chapter Q-2, r. 0.1);
(2)  the term ditch has the meaning assigned by the Regulation respecting the regulatory scheme applying to activities on the basis of their environmental impact (chapter Q-2, r. 17.1);
(3)  a reference to a wetland excludes a peat bog being harvested;
(4)  the term apply a pesticide includes, in particular, the action of putting a pesticide into or onto the soil;
(5)  a distance is calculated horizontally
(a)  from the boundary of the littoral zone, for a watercourse or lake;
(b)  from the boundary, for a wetland; and
(c)  from the top of the embankment, for a ditch.
For the purposes of subparagraph 5 of the first paragraph, if there is an embankment, the distance must include a width of at least 1 m from the top of the embankment.
O.C. 1596-2021, s. 94.