P-42, r. 5 - Regulation respecting the registration of beekeepers

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2. Every beekeeper must provide to the Minister, on the form furnished by the Minister, an application for registration stating,
(1)  in the case of a natural person: the beekeeper’s name, address of domicile or postal address, if different from the address of domicile, and telephone number;
(2)  in the case of a sole proprietorship, a partnership or a legal person: its name, the address of its principal establishment in Québec or, if it has no establishment in Québec, the address of domicile, the business number assigned to it under the Act respecting the legal publicity of enterprises (chapter P-44.1), and telephone number;
(3)  the number of hives occupied by bees owned by the beekeeper;
(4)  the name of the municipality and the name of the regional county municipality or metropolitan community where each wintering site, production site and pollination site is located; and
(5)  the type of activities carried on by the beekeeper, including the sale of bees and the movement of hives for pollination purposes.
Beekeepers must certify the accuracy of the information entered on the form and sign it.
Beekeepers must also notify the Minister, within 30 days, of any change in the information provided under subparagraphs 1 and 2 of the first paragraph.
O.C. 450-2005, s. 2.