P-42, r. 10.1 - Regulation respecting the safety and welfare of cats and dogs

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2.1. The owner or custodian of an animal is not required to comply with any provision of Chapter II if he or she has a written opinion from a veterinary surgeon specifying that the application is not recommended for the animal, given its state of health or when veterinary treatment is planned.
The opinion of the veterinary surgeon must
(1)  be signed and dated and indicate the veterinary surgeon’s permit number;
(2)  indicate the name and contact information of the animal’s owner or custodian;
(3)  describe the animal in question so that it is recognizable by its owner or custodian or by an inspector;
(4)  state the requirement from which the animal’s owner or custodian is temporarily exempted;
(5)  state the period during which the owner or custodian is exempted from the requirement provided for in subparagraph 4; and
(6)  be kept by the animal’s owner or custodian during the period stated under subparagraph 5.
O.C. 1021-2013, s. 3.