I-9, r. 4 - Regulation respecting other terms and conditions for the issuance of permits by the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec

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47. Nothing in this Regulation shall affect the rights of a person who, as at 27 March 2002:
(1)  is entered on the roll as an engineer-in-training or a junior engineer;
(2)  was previously entered on the roll as a junior engineer;
(3)  holds a junior engineer’s permit or has been declared eligible in this capacity;
(4)  would have been eligible for issuance of a junior engineer’s permit or an engineer-in-training permit if he had demonstrated appropriate knowledge of the official language of Québec for practising the profession of engineer in accordance with the provisions of the Charter of the French language (chapter C-11);
(5)  is a candidate at the examinations prescribed by the committee of examiners and whose file remains open until he obtains the engineer-in-training permit.
O.C. 1510-2001, s. 47; O.C. 1347-2002, s. 1.