H-4.1, r. 13.1 - Tariff of fees of court bailiffs

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18. A bailiff may only claim as disbursements the sums that are warranted and that the bailiff actually paid to a third person while performing duties under the provisions of the Code of Civil Procedure (chapter C-25.01) or another law. The sums include the mailing cost to give notice of proceedings or other document, court costs and court office fees, fees for the register of personal and movable real rights and fees for the land register, the fees of an advocate or a notary who assists the bailiff where provided for by law, and fees claimed by a financial institution carrying on its activities in Québec, where the bailiff can accept a payment made by means of a certified cheque, a credit card or a transfer of funds.
O.C. 1096-2015, s. 18.