E-3.3, r. 6.1 - Regulation respecting contracts of the Chief Electoral Officer

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12. Compliance requirements must specify the cases that will entail automatic rejection of a tender, namely:
(1)  the place or closing date for reception of bids has not been complied with;
(2)  a required document is missing;
(3)  the required signature of an authorized person is missing;
(4)  an erasure of or correction to the tendered price is not initialled;
(5)  the tender is conditional or restrictive;
(6)  the price tendered and the quality demonstration are not presented separately as required by section 18, where applicable; and
(7)  any other compliance requirement stipulated in the tender documents as entailing automatic rejection of a tender has not been complied with.
Decision 1553-2, s. 12.