E-1.1, r. 1 - Regulation respecting energy conservation in new buildings

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133. The coefficient of performance prescribed in section 132 shall be determined from the standard rating conditions appropriate for the equipment, but not less than values shown in the table below.
(s. 133)

Standard rating conditions for heat pumps used for heating

Heat source

Air Water
Location of
temperature Condition No. 1 Condition No. 2

Air entering 21.1 °C dry 21.1 °C dry 21.1 °C dry
equipment bulb bulb bulb
temperature temperature temperature

Ambient air of dry bulb dry bulb -
outdoor portion temperature: temperature:
of unit 8.3 °C wet -8.3 °C wet
bulb bulb
temperature: temperature:
6.1 °C -9.4 °C

Water entering
equipment - - 15.6 °C

O.C. 89-83, s. 133.