E-1.1, r. 1 - Regulation respecting energy conservation in new buildings

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127. The coefficient of performance mentioned in section 126 for water chillers and water source heat pumps shall be determined on the basis of the rating conditions in the following table. Except for refrigerants, these conditions shall include a fouling factor for tubes equal to 0.00018 m2 • °C/W; however, this factor may be reduced by half when non-ferrous tubes are used.
(s. 127)

Temperatures for standard rating conditions for water
chillers and heat pumps, °C

Type of water chillers

a) centrifugal Reciprocating Hydronic
compressors without integral system water
b) self-contained condensers source heat
reciprocating pumps

Water temperature leaving
chiller 6.7 6.7 -

Water temperature entering
chiller 12.2 12.2 -

Water temperature leaving
condenser 35.0 - 35.0

Water temperature entering
condenser 29.4 - 29.4

Air temperature entering indoor 26.7 dry bulb
portion of heat pump - - 19.4 wet bulb

Air temperature surrounding 35.0 dry bulb
air or evaporative cooled 23.9 wet bulb - -

Refrigerant saturation
temperature at the discharge
of water or evaporative
cooled compressor - 40.6 -

Refrigerant saturation
temperature at the discharge
of air-cooled compressor - 48.9 -

Liquid refrigerant
temperature for
water or evaporative
cooled condenser - 35.0 -

Liquid refrigerant
temperature for
air-cooled condenser - 43.3 -

Air temperature
surrounding heat
pump - - 26.7

O.C. 89-83, s. 127.