E-1.1, r. 1 - Regulation respecting energy conservation in new buildings

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115. Subject to Sentence 4 of Articles to of the National Building Code 1990, every exhaust or supply duct or opening of a heating, cooling or ventilation system located inside the insulated portion of the building, except those for combustion air, must be equipped with a power-assisted damper located near the building exterior, and must be designed to close automatically when the system is not in operation. However, where the size of a duct does not exceed 0.1 m2 in cross sectional area, the damper in the exhaust duct or opening may consist of a backflow damper of the gravity type, and that of the supply air duct or opening may be manually operated.
O.C. 89-83, s. 115; O.C. 1721-85, s. 20; O.C. 1211-92, s. 17.