CCQ, r. 6 - Regulation respecting land registration

Full text
68. Notwithstanding section 67,
(1)  corrections in the land register are made not only by crossing out the erroneous entry or indication, but also by crossing out all related entries or indications and the crossed out text shall be followed right under by the new entry or indication and by all other entries or indications thus crossed out;
(2)  entries resulting from a correction made in the land register or in the book of presentation, where they affect the date, hour or minute of presentation of the application for registration, do not follow the crossed out text, but shall be made at the place where they should have appeared;
(3)  correction to information recorded in the heading of a file contained in the land register or in the directory of holders of real rights shall not be made by crossing out erroneous information but by substituting new information; and
(4)  correction to entries, mentions or indications recorded in a distinct section at the end of a file contained in the land register pursuant to sections 6, 9, 13 and 21 shall be made by a note, specifying the nature of the correction, inserted at the place reserved for that purpose in the distinct section.
O.C. 1067-2001, s. 68.