C-61.1, r. 53 - Regulation respecting wildlife sanctuaries

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17. Only the following persons may travel in the restricted access hunting sectors of the wildlife sanctuaries during the restricted access hunting periods for moose and white-tailed deer determined in Schedule VI to the Regulation respecting hunting (chapter C-61.1, r. 12):
(1)  a holder of a right of access pass in a restricted access hunting sector for the sector and date indicated on the pass;
(2)  a professional trapping licence holder who is the lessee of exclusive trapping rights in the wildlife sanctuary, as well as professional trapping licence holders or a person referred to in sections 5 to 7 of the Regulation respecting trapping activities and the fur trade (chapter C-61.1, r. 3) authorized by the lessee to trap, to travel to their trapping grounds and to engage in a trapping-related activity;
(3)  a person who carries out work in the performance of his duties;
(4)  a person who takes part in an activity organized under a contract entered into in accordance with the second paragraph of section 118 of the Act respecting the conservation and development of wildlife (chapter C-61.1), in the territory of the wildlife sanctuary; and
(5)  a person who has to cross the territory of the wildlife sanctuary to access another territory or private property and to return from that territory or property.
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