C-29, r. 4 - College Education Regulations

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9. The component of general education that is complementary to the other components of a program shall comprise any of the following subject areas:
(1)  Social Sciences;
(2)  Science and Technology;
(3)  Modern Language;
(4)  Mathematics Literacy and Computer Science;
(5)  Art and Aesthetics;
(6)  Contemporary Issues.
The Minister shall determine the objectives and standards for each subject area.
The college shall determine the learning activites required to attain the objectives and standards determined by the Minister. To balance and complement the specific program component, the college shall offer students such learning activites, for a total of 4 credits.
O.C. 1006-93, s. 9; O.C. 551-95, s. 2; O.C. 962-98, s. 4; O.C. 724-2008, s. 8.