C-29, r. 4 - College Education Regulations

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2.3. A college may conditionally admit to a program of studies leading to a Diploma of College Studies a person who, not having obtained all the credits required by the Basic school regulation for preschool, elementary and secondary education (chapter I-13.3, r. 8) or by the Basic adult general education regulation (chapter I-13.3, r. 9) to obtain a Secondary School Diploma, commits to obtaining the missing credits in the first term.
The foregoing also applies to a holder of a Secondary School Vocational Diploma who has not obtained all the credits for the subjects mentioned in subparagraphs 1 to 3 of the first paragraph of section 2.1.
Despite the foregoing, a person who must obtain more than 6 missing credits or who has previously failed to fulfil his or her commitments after being conditionally admitted may not be conditionally admitted.
O.C. 724-2008, s. 5.