C-29, r. 4 - College Education Regulations

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12. The Minister may recognize a training module within a program of technical studies.
A module may be drawn up to meet such needs as:
(1)  taking into account the studies completed at the secondary school level;
(2)  drawing up a set of objectives and standards that are common to several programs of technical studies;
(3)  preparing for a specific occupation.
To be recognized by the Minister, a training module shall include components of general education and specific program components for a number of credits to be determined by the Minister.
The college shall certify the successful completion of a module, where applicable. A document attesting to the successful completion of the module indicating the student’s name, the name of the college, the title of the module, the title of the program of technical studies and the number of credits in the module must be given to the student.
O.C. 1006-93, s. 12; O.C. 724-2008, s. 9.