C-29, r. 4 - College Education Regulations

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1. In this Regulation, unless otherwise indicated by the context,
“course” means a set of learning activities for which credits are attributed and comprising at least 45 periods of instruction or, in the cases determined by the Minister, the number of periods of instruction set by the Minister;(cours)
“credit” means a unit equivalent to 45 hours of learning activities; (unité)
“objective” means the competency, skills or knowledge, to be acquired or mastered; (objectif)
“program” means an integrated set of learning activities leading to the achievement of educational objectives based on set standards; (programme)
“standard” means the level of performance at which an objective is considered to be achieved. (standard)
O.C. 1006-93, s. 1; O.C. 627-2010, s. 1.