B-1, r. 13 - Regulation respecting the training, skill and knowledge evaluation, accreditation and discipline of stenographers

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37.1. A stenographer must, within 30 days of being entered on the roll, file with the committee a declaration designating a representative who may act in the event that the stenographer is unable to act, so as to enable a person with a legal interest to request notes that have or have not been transcribed. The representative must be a stenographer entered on the roll.
A stenographer who wishes to change representatives must file without delay a declaration designating a new representative and so inform the replaced representative in writing.
A stenographer who wishes to withdraw as a representative must, 30 days before the withdrawal, so inform the stenographer concerned and the committee in writing. The stenographer concerned has 30 days to file with the committee a new declaration designating a new representative.
If a stenographer dies, the designated representative may require any person holding the notes of the stenographer to hand them over to him or her.
O.C. 753-2016, s. 10.