B-1, r. 13 - Regulation respecting the training, skill and knowledge evaluation, accreditation and discipline of stenographers

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27. It is derogatory to the honour and dignity of the practice of stenography for stenographers to
(1)  delete or falsify portions of testimony or reproduce words other than the exact words spoken;
(2)  mislead or attempt to mislead the court or the parties, or attempt to influence the court in favour of or against any person;
(3)  participate in an unlawful activity;
(4)  act directly or indirectly so as to abuse the good faith of a person with whom they interact as stenographers;
(5)  directly or indirectly unduly retain, steal, conceal, falsify, mutilate or destroy an exhibit from a court record;
(6)  pay, offer to pay or undertake to pay money or other benefits with a view to obtaining a benefit for themselves or another person;
(7)  request or receive, in addition to the remuneration to which they are entitled, any benefit, rebate or commission for themselves or another person;
(8)  perform or omit to perform an act so as to secure an illegitimate benefit for a party;
(9)  perform their duties while under the influence of psychotropic substances or any other substance, including alcohol, that has similar effects;
(10)  harass any person while performing their duties;
(11)  intimidate or threaten reprisal against a person who
(a)  has reported derogatory behaviour or conduct or intends to do so; or
(b)  has taken part or cooperated in an inquiry into derogatory behaviour or conduct or intends to do so;
(12)  denigrate another stenographer to cause the stenographer to lose the trust of an existing or potential client;
(13)  use disloyal practices to obtain a mandate;
(14)  fail to notify the committee when they have knowledge that another stenographer has committed a derogatory act;
(15)  fail to submit to a professional inspection determined by the committee; or
(16)  fail to comply with a decision of the committee requiring them to serve an internship or take a refresher course, or both.
O.C. 240-2006, s. 27.