A-20.03, r. 2 - Regulation respecting reserved designations

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2. An application for the recognition of a reserved designation is made by a person or partnership directly involved in the production or processing of the product concerned, or by a group of such persons or partnerships. Other interested persons may join in the application.
The application includes at least the following information and documents:
(1)  the identification of the applicant, the nature of its activities and, where applicable, its legal structure, constituting act and internal by-laws. In the case of a group of applicants, that information also includes a list of the group members and the nature of their activities;
(2)  the scope of the reserved designation, a list or the class of products that may be certified, a description of the product bearing the designation, the characteristics that distinguish it from other products of the same category, the benefits of such a type of production, the economic data and opportunities, the distribution network and the problems related to product imitation or forgery;
(3)  a specification manual compliant with section 3;
(4)  a study comparing the main elements of the specification manual for the reserved designation whose recognition is applied for with the corresponding elements in a specification manual for a similar designation.
M.O. 2010-07-05, s. 2.