A-18.1, r. 5.1 - Regulation respecting the scaling of timber harvested in forests in the domain of the State

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12. During transportation, a copy of the form referred to in section 11 must be deposited in a sealed container at the place indicated by the Minister. Despite the foregoing, no form may be deposited in the sealed container where, among the information referred to in section 11, the following data that are validated by a computer system, must appear in the automated timber transportation authorization and loading registration form:
(1)  the GPS coordinates of the timber loading point into the driver’s vehicle, trailer or semi-trailer;
(2)  the date and time of departure from the timber loading point;
(3)  the compilation unit number;
(4)  the species or group of species of the timber transported.
In addition, to be exempted from the deposit of the form in a sealed container during transportation, each load from the cutting areas covered by the container must have an automated form.
O.C. 724-2013, s. 12.