A-12, r. 7.2 - Regulation respecting the practice of agrology within a partnership or a joint-stock company

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8. If several agrologists carry on their professional activities within the same partnership or joint-stock company, they may designate a representative to act on their behalf in connection with the terms and conditions provided for in sections 5 and 7.
The representative must be an agrologist, carry on professional activities within the partnership or joint-stock company and be a director and, as the case may be, a shareholder or partner of the joint-stock company or partnership.
The representative must ensure the accuracy of the information provided in the declaration, except for the information referred to in paragraph 2 of section 6.
The representative must also reply to every request made by the syndic, an inspector, an investigator or any other representative of the Order and provide any document that agrologists are required to submit.
O.C. 1070-2015, s. 8.