V-1.2, r. 5 - Regulation respecting off-highway vehicles

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26. A trail whose lateral boundary lines are not marked by a fence or in another way and every trail which crosses a non-wooded area over a distance of more than 150 m must be staked by the operator with red markers in the case of a snowmobile trail and with blue markers in the case of an all-terrain vehicle trail. The markers must be placed on both sides of the trail at intervals not exceeding 90 m.
Each marker must be not less than 25 mm in diameter and not less than 1.5 m in height; the height of a marker must be increased as required to ensure it remains visible above snow accumulations.
Each marker must have a strip or plate of a resistant material 25 mm in width by 75 mm in height securely fixed to its upper edge. The surface of the strip or plate must be white or yellow and be covered with retroreflective sheeting.
O.C. 1222-2004, s. 26.