T-8.1, r. 6 - Regulation respecting the regularization of certain kinds of occupation of lands in the domain of the State

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3. The Minister may sell land to an occupant applying in writing and showing that the occupation of that land by him and his predecessors in title has been continuous, uninterrupted, peaceful, public, unequivocal and as owner.
The occupant shall also prove the duration of the occupation claimed by him, and that such occupation continued to 24 July 1985.
Where a parcel of land has been the subject of a cancellation of a grant under section 40 of the Colonization Land Sales Act (chapter T-8), the duration of occupation is calculated from the date of the cancellation to 24 July 1985.
The Minister may offer to sell to an occupant satisfying the conditions set out in the first paragraph a parcel of land other than the one he is occupying, on the terms and at the price he would have paid to purchase that land.
O.C. 233-89, s. 3.