T-7.1, r. 2 - Regulation respecting the alienation and leasing of agricultural lands in the domain of the State

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3. Where the Minister intends to alienate or lease a parcel of land, he shall give notice by letter, by posting a sign or by placing an announcement in the newspaper of his choice.
If the notice is by letter, it must be sent to all the owners of agricultural land situated in the territory designated by the Minister in the notice. Where an agricultural operation is owned by a number of persons, sending the notice to one of those persons shall suffice.
If the notice is a posted sign, it shall be posted on a public immovable situated within the boundaries of the territory designated in the notice.
The notice must be sent, posted or published at least 10 days before the date specified in the notice for the submission of applications or for the sale, depending on the procedure used.
In all cases, the notice shall be posted at the Bureau de renseignements agricoles responsible for the territory concerned and shall serve as notice in writing to every owner of an agricultural operation in that territory who is thus deemed to have received such a notice.
The territory designated by the Minister must, in all cases, permit the application of section 6.
O.C. 4-90, s. 3.