T-7.1, r. 2 - Regulation respecting the alienation and leasing of agricultural lands in the domain of the State

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24. Where land bordering on a lake or on a watercourse is sold or leased, the deed evidencing the sale or leasing may, where applicable, contain the following clause:
“The Gouvernement du Québec shall take no responsibility whatsoever for damages that may be suffered by the purchaser or the lessee, his heirs or his assigns as a consequence of the construction, maintenance, reconstruction or demolition of any dam or any other work related to the dam constructed, maintained, reconstructed or demolished, in accordance with the standards or requirements established by the government departments concerned and that the government has considered appropriate to authorize or to carry out in the public interest.
This clause may be invoked only in the case of an existing dam or a dam of which construction begins within 5 years from the signing of this deed.”
O.C. 4-90, s. 24.