T-7.1, r. 2 - Regulation respecting the alienation and leasing of agricultural lands in the domain of the State

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19. In order for land to be leased for woodland purposes, the applicant must place the land under forest management for the duration of the lease by means of a simple management plan or as part of a program administered by a forest grouping referred to in section 102 of the Forest Act (chapter F-4.1), except in the case of an express derogation authorized by the Minister. In all cases, the management plan or the program must be sent to the Minister and may not be changed without his authorization, it being considered an integral part of the lease.
The conditions provided for in the first paragraph shall also apply in all other cases involving the leasing of land comprising wooded areas, unless the Minister decides that placing the land under forest management would be inexpedient.
The parts of the land that have been cleared may not be reforested without authorization from the Minister.
O.C. 4-90, s. 19.