T-16, r. 10 - Tariff of judicial fees in civil matters

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23. Notwithstanding section 22, no court fee is payable to obtain a copy of a document issued in printed format on using a technological medium for the use of one of the persons or bodies listed below or their representatives:
(1)  the Ministère de la Justice and the Attorney General of Québec;
(2)  an advocate acting under a legal aid mandate, and the advocate’s client;
(3)  an accused person or that person’s counsel in a criminal case when the documents are required for a current prosecution;
(4)  the Société québecoise d’information juridique (SOQUIJ);
(5)  a journalist;
(6)  the Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions in criminal and penal cases;
(7)  a person holding, for the purposes of an inquiry, the powers vested in commissioners by the Act respecting public inquiry commissions (chapter C-37) who, after identifying himself or herself, presents to the clerk a duly signed certificate or other document attesting his or her capacity along with a summons or subpoena indicating the documents that must be produced.
O.C. 1094-2015, s. 23.