T-12, r. 6 - Regulation respecting the requirements for bills of lading

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2. The Regulation applies to contracts for the transport of goods for consideration. It does not apply in the following cases:
(1)  where the contract is for moving:
(a)  used domestic goods, letters and parcels less than 45 kg in weight, motor vehicles, empty containers, empty trailers, wood pallets or live animals;
(b)  bulk material within the meaning of the Transport Act (chapter T-12) and the regulations thereunder;
(c)  milk or cream referred to in section 9 of the Food Products Act (chapter P-29);
(d)  petroleum products in a tank vehicle equipped with a meter and having a maximum capacity of 18,200 litres;
(e)  motor vehicle wrecks and waste or scrap whether it can be recycled or not;
(f)  periodicals for delivery to consumers, paper boys or sales outlets;
(g)  vehicles by means of a tow truck;
(h)  natural or chemical fertilizers and any substances used for the fertilization and upgrading of soils;
(i)  houses, offices or plants;
(j)  vehicles using the technique called saddlemount; or
(k)  motor vehicles referred to in paragraph 2 of section 214 of the Highway Safety Code (chapter C-24.2);
(2)  where the transport vehicle is for a shipper’s exclusive use; and
(3)  where the contract was entered into outside Québec and the contract and the bills of lading comply with the statutory and regulatory requirements of the place of origin.
O.C. 1198-99, s. 2.