T-12, r. 16 - Bus Transport Regulation

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14.2. The Commission shall classify bus transport permits for each permit class and for each carrier if
(1)  a municipality annexes all or part of the territory of another municipality or the territories of municipalities are amalgamated;
(2)  an Act or regulation renders an operating right or certain of its operating conditions null and void or otherwise inapplicable; or
(3)  the Commission considers that a classification of operating rights or of certain of their operating conditions is necessary, for the same carrier, to update and harmonize the rights or conditions with one another or with those of other carriers.
The Commission must indicate at the time of the classification the new name of the municipality and, if any, the division of its territory into boroughs.
“Operating conditions” means the routes, schedules, frequencies, classes of vehicles and other conditions, including restrictions, established by the Commission on the issue of the permit confirming the operating right.
For the purposes of section 14.2, the Commission takes into account the existence of any municipality reconstituted within the meaning of section 3 of the Act respecting the exercise of certain municipal powers in certain urban agglomerations (chapter E-20.001). (O.C. 341-2008, s. 17)
O.C. 341-2008, s. 4.