T-12, r. 16 - Bus Transport Regulation

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12. The Commission shall issue a bus transport permit to a person who applies therefore where it considers that:
(1)  the applicant possesses relevant knowledge or experience for competently carrying out the activity for which the permit is requested;
(2)  the applicant gives evidence of sufficient financial grounding to insure the establishment and the viability of his undertaking;
(3)  the applicant has sufficient human and material resources at his disposal to administer his undertaking efficiently;
(4)  the services for which the applicant requests a permit fulfill needs of the clientele or the population of the territory to be served;
(5)  the projected revenues are sufficient to insure the profitability of the services for which the permit is requested;
(6)  the issue of the permit requested by the applicant is not likely to entail the disappearance of any other bus transport service or appreciably affect the quality thereof.
When screening an application for the issue of a Category 6 minibus transport permit for chartered transport made by the holder of a travel agent’s licence for his customers, within a package including activities and transport, the Commission shall be exempted from applying the criteria set out in the first paragraph if the licence holder meets the following conditions:
(1)  the travel agent’s licence is in effect;
(2)  the licence holder is registered as an operator in the Régistre des propriétaires et des exploitants de véhicules lourds established by section 4 of the Act respecting owners, operators and drivers of heavy vehicles (chapter P-30.3);
(3)  the Commission gave the licence holder a “satisfactory” rating under section 12 of that Act; and
(4)  the holder has the relevant knowledge and experience for the safe operation of a minibus.
O.C. 1991-86, s. 12; O.C. 671-2001, s. 2.