T-11.001, r. 1 - Regulation respecting the reimbursement of councillors’ research and support expenses

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2. Only the following expenses may be reimbursed under section 474.0.1 of the Cities and Towns Act:
(1)  the cost of letterhead paper, envelopes and office supplies;
(2)  expenses to purchase or subscribe to publications and subscription expenses for specialized data banks;
(3)  mail and messenger expenses;
(4)  usual bank fees and interest;
(5)  expenses to purchase and use a mobile telephone;
(6)  expenses to rent an office not located in a councillor’s residence, and expenses for the maintenance, insurance and surveillance of that office;
(7)  expenses to purchase, rent, install and maintain furniture and office equipment, computer equipment, software and decorative accessories;
(8)  Internet subscription and connection expenses;
(9)  travel and parking expenses, excluding those incurred to attend the sittings of the council or the sittings of a commission or committee of the council;
(10)  expenses to rent a room;
(11)  hospitality, reception or meeting expenses and related expenses;
(12)  registration and subscription expenses for activities such as benefit activities, conference dinners, colloquiums, conventions, seminars or symposiums;
(13)  advertising expenses to inform the population in a district of the name of the councillor for that district and his or her photograph and contact information;
(14)  expenses for the publication of a text or for printing and distributing unaddressed mail pertaining to issues or debates of public interest;
(15)  expenses to set up and update a website or blog, in particular expenses to reserve a domain name and expenses for the hosting, design and carrying out of the site or blog;
(16)  expenses for the services of a person or partnership hired for research or support purposes, and the percentage of the salary of a political party employee corresponding to the time devoted to those purposes.
M.O. 2013-07-03, s. 2.