S-8, r. 6 - By-law respecting the delegation of powers and signing of certain documents of the Société d’habitation du Québec

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19. Service or division heads under the authority of one of those directors are authorized, for their sector of activities, to approve
(1)  the annual budget, budget allocations and audited financial statements of bodies that manage fewer than 100 dwellings;
(2)  (paragraph revoked);
(3)  (paragraph revoked);
(4)  any loan referred to in section 57 of the Act, for less than $35,000;
(5)  any form established and by-law made by the lessor pursuant to section 86 of the Act; and
(6)  the use by cooperatives, non-profit organizations or housing bureaus of their reserves, for less than $35,000.
O.C. 419-2006, s. 19; O.C. 1122-2011, s. 24.