S-8, r. 3 - By-law respecting the conditions for the leasing of dwellings in low-rental housing

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9. Basic rent determined in accordance with section 6 or 8, as the case may be, shall include the costs for heating and hot water as well as municipal and school taxes.
It shall also include the provision of a stove or refrigerator in the case of a lease in effect on 31 December 1984, or in the case of a lease in effect after that date if the space in the dwelling is too small to install a stove and refrigerator 765-mm in width each.
In addition to the costs provided for in the first paragraph, the basic rent for a room in a rooming house where at least four rooms are rented or for rent shall also include the cost of electricity.
O.C. 523-2001, s. 9.