S-8, r. 1 - By-law respecting the allocation of dwellings in low rental housing

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23. Priority applications must be ranked as follows:
(1)  a person whose lease is resiliated under article 1974.1 of the Civil Code or who is a victim of domestic violence as indicated in an attestation issued by a shelter for such persons, a police force or an institution of the health and social services network;
(2)  an applicant whose dwelling is destroyed by a disaster or declared unfit for habitation by the municipality for more than 30 days, provided that an application is submitted to the lessor within 15 days following the occurrence;
(3)  an applicant evicted as a consequence of the application of a program carried out under section 54, 73 or 79 of the Act respecting the Société d’habitation du Québec (chapter S-8) or as a consequence of an expropriation or a voluntary acquisition by a municipality or by an agency constituted as an agent of the municipality, provided that an application is submitted to the lessor within 6 months following the date of departure from the dwelling;
(4)  (paragraph revoked);
(5)  an applicant who lives in a dwelling in low rental housing and whose health or safety or, where applicable, that of a member of his household, requires that he be relodged;
(6)  (paragraph revoked);
(7)  an applicant who is the lessee of the housing cooperative or non-profit organization that receives benefits under the Rent Supplement Program;
(8)  a lessee who is covered by article 1990 of the Civil Code or makes an application for relocation identified as priority applications by by-law of the lessor.
O.C. 1243-90, s. 23; O.C. 506-93, s. 8; O.C. 423-2011, s. 17.