S-8, r. 1 - By-law respecting the allocation of dwellings in low rental housing

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10. The notice must indicate the following particulars:
(1)  the name and address of the lessor;
(2)  the selection territory covered by section 12;
(3)  the number of dwellings available by category and subcategory;
(4)  the conditions or criteria for acceptance of an application to lease and the conditions or criteria of eligibility for leasing;
(5)  the registration procedures including the address to which the application must be submitted and the time limit for submitting it, which must be not less than 30 days from the publication of the notice.
It must also indicate that in allocating dwellings, the lessor will exercise no discrimination in violation of the Charter of human rights and freedoms (chapter C-12).
O.C. 1243-90, s. 10.