S-6.01, r. 2.1 - Pilot project to promote taxi transportation services using electric taxis

Full text
1. The Pilot Project to promote transportation services using electric taxis (“Pilot Project”) is hereby authorized
(1)  to establish special rules allowing taxi transportation services to be offered using fully electric vehicles, and in doing so to experiment with the use of such vehicles for the purpose of fostering development of the taxi industry;
(2)  to authorize any sponsor referred to in the Schedule to the Pilot Project to offer transportation services using electric taxis in accordance with the special rules set out in the Pilot Project and the other rules that remain applicable under the Act respecting transportation services by taxi (chapter S-6.01) and its regulations; and
(3)  to collect information on the transportation services a sponsor provides using electric taxis, on the safety of users and on the ensuing consequences for the taxi industry.
M.O. 2015-14, s. 1.