S-5, r. 5 - Organization and Management of Institutions Regulation

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84.8. That part of the plan shall in addition contain, to enable the regional council to approve the number of physicians and dentists required under section 84.7, the following:
(1)  the criteria used to establish the number of physicians and dentists required to operate the local community service centre, which must take into account:
(a)  the human, material and financial resources of the centre;
(b)  the mission of the centre in respect, as the case may be, to providing care, teaching and research;
(c)  the territory of the centre and the demographic and sociosanitary characteristics of the public served;
(2)  the number of physicians and dentists practising their profession at the local community service centre;
(3)  the name of each physician and each dentist and the number of his permit to practise issued by the Ordre professionnel des médecins du Québec or the Ordre des dentistes du Québec, as the case may be;
(4)  the status and privileges granted to each physician and each dentist, as the case may be.
O.C. 247-87, s. 2.