S-40.1, r. 1 - Regulation under the Act respecting the Québec correctional system

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72. In the exercise of its functions, the discipline committee must
(1)  verify that the procedure established in this Regulation has been followed;
(2)  convene the inmate in whose respect the disciplinary offence report was completed;
(3)  explain the contents of the report to the inmate;
(4)  hear the inmate’s explanations;
(5)  convene and hear any witness;
(6)  permit the inmate to examine any witness;
(7)  inform the inmate of its decision and, where applicable, of the sanction imposed;
(8)  give a copy of the report of the sitting to the inmate within 8 working hours after the sitting; and
(9)  inform the person serving a sentence that the person will receive a notice of remission in the case of a sanction relating to remission or forfeiture.
The discipline committee’s report must contain the inmate’s name and date of birth, a summary of the sitting, the decision and reasons, the sanction and the time allowed to apply for a review.
A notice of remission must indicate the inmate’s name, date of birth and record number, the total length of the sentence and the number of days of remission the inmate may earn.
O.C. 5-2007, s. 72.