S-40.1, r. 1 - Regulation under the Act respecting the Québec correctional system

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68. An inmate must act in a manner that is respectful towards other inmates and the personnel members, their property and the property of the facility.
An inmate breaches his or her responsibilities and commits a disciplinary offence if the inmate
(1)  uses physical violence or insulting or threatening language or gestures aimed at other inmates, personnel members or any other person;
(2)  alters or damages property of the facility, the reintegration support fund, an inmate, a personnel member or any other person;
(3)  refuses to participate in mandatory activities;
(4)  interferes with the conduct of activities, including the activities of the reintegration support fund, by purposely performing unsatisfactorily, creating conflicts with other inmates, personnel members or persons in charge of the activities or mocking, harassing, provoking or disturbing them in their work;
(5)  is in possession of or uses or trades in unauthorized items or contraband, including alcoholic beverages, drugs, narcotics, non-prescription medicine, keys or any other item that may be considered as an offensive weapon such as a piece of glass, metal, wood or plastic;
(6)  gives or exchanges items without the authorization of the facility director;
(7)  commits an indecent act, including masturbating in public or soliciting, offering or engaging in sexual relations in public; or
(8)  refuses to comply with the rules or directives of the facility.
O.C. 5-2007, s. 68.