S-4.2, r. 5.01 - Regulation respecting the conditions for obtaining a certificate of compliance and the operating standards for a private seniors’ residence

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65. The operator of a private seniors’ residence must establish a file for each staff member and keep it up to date.
The file must be kept in the residence and must contain, in addition to the other information that must be placed in the file pursuant to this Regulation, a description of the staff member’s tasks, a summary of the staff member’s skills and proof that the staff member holds the attestations and diploma or one of the documents required under sections 22, 23 and, where applicable, 34 and, in the case of a professional, the number of the professional’s permit and annual proof of the professional’s registration on the roll of the order concerned.
The first paragraph of section 45 and section 46 apply, with the necessary modifications, to the files established for staff members.
O.C. 100-2013, s. 65.