S-4.2, r. 2 - Regulation respecting the classification of services offered by family-type resources and the rates of compensation applicable to each type of service

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2. Family-type resources shall offer the following services:
(1)  first level services;
(2)  second level services;
(3)  third level services;
(4)  fourth level services; and
(5)  fifth level services:
(a)  in category 1;
(b)  in category 2;
(c)  in category 3.
Family-type resources may offer more than one level of services and, where applicable, in more than one category.
The levels and, where applicable, the categories of services offered to users shall be based on the “Identification of user characteristics”, an evaluation instrument appearing in Schedule I.
M.O. 93-04, s. 2.