S-4.2, r. 2 - Regulation respecting the classification of services offered by family-type resources and the rates of compensation applicable to each type of service

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16. Where a family-type resource participates in the “Techniques d’accueil” training program, the family-type resource shall be entitled, upon presentation of vouchers and proof of class attendance, to:
(1)  reimbursement of travel expenses for the number of kilometres exceeding a 60-km return trip from the family-type resource to the place where the course is offered in compliance with the directive mentioned in paragraph 1 of section 15; where public transportation is used, however, the total cost assumed by the family-type resource shall be reimbursed;
(2)  reimbursement of sitter-companion expenses up to a maximum of $93.97 for a 45-hour course or on a prorata basis according to the number of course hours attended where the family-type resource does not attend the entire course.
M.O. 93-04, s. 16.