S-4.2, r. 1 - Regulation respecting the certification of drug addiction or pathological gambling resources

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32. The operator must keep up to date, for each resident, a complete file containing, in particular,
(1)  information on the resident’s identity;
(2)  the contact information of a relative or friend that may be contacted in an emergency, if the resident is a minor, of a parent or tutor;
(3)  a personalized assessment of the resident’s condition and situation;
(4)  the service contract and the resident’s written consent to the services;
(5)  written authorization from the resident to the operator for each communication of information concerning the resident;
(6)  any information on the resident received from other persons or organizations authorized by the resident to forward information;
(7)  the intervention plan prepared for the resident;
(8)  notes concerning the resident’s progress during the stay;
(9)  a summary of the resident’s stay, including recommendations on follow-up;
(10)  a suicide risk assessment conducted at the resident’s arrival and departure; and
(11)  the resident’s written consent to nursing and medical care.
O.C. 569-2010, s. 32.