S-4.2, r. 0.01 - Regulation respecting the certification of private seniors’ residences

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In force: 2023-12-15
56.1. The operator of a category 2 or 3 private seniors’ residence comprising more than 99 rental units must establish a residence life committee in accordance with this subdivision. The same applies to the operator of a category 4 residence comprising more than 50 rental units.
Where more than one residence is operated by the same operator in the same congregate residential facility, if the total number of rental units in the residences exceeds 99, the operator must establish one residence life committee for all the residences or one committee for each residence, as decided by the operator.
The operator of a residence that is not referred to in the first paragraph may not prevent the residents of that residence from establishing such a committee or a committee of the same nature.
O.C. 1574-2022, s. 47.